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Hear from our alumni!

Years in MusicFest: 2015 – 2018

Instrument: Guitar

Favorite memory from MusicFest: “My performance of Tedesco’s Concerto No. 1 in D Major, which I was lucky enough to perform again with the Spokane Symphony. Thrilling experience!”

What are you up to now?: “I am a multi-instrumentalist and composer, working as a collaborator with local northwest artists (folk, traditional country, jazz) and writing music for licensing (film & television)”.

How did MusicFest Northwest Impact you?: “I was lucky to have a teacher/mentor who personally and genuinely helped me to increase my understanding and love of music. As part of this experience, I was encouraged to study and internalize the symphony for MusicFest and eventually enter the competition. My appreciation for the longstanding tradition of music, especially classical, would not be the same without MusicFest Northwest”.

Do you have any advice for participants in MusicFest Northwest 2023?: “Play the music you love and appreciate the people around you along the way”.

Lane King

Years in MusicFest: 2006 – 2019

Instrument: Piano & Trumpet

Favorite memory from MusicFest: “I will never forget being featured as a Young Artist gold medalist with the Spokane Symphony, this time performing on trumpet. It was so important for me to be able to see my dreams coming true and taking shape in music, through MusicFest Northwest”.

What are you up to now?: “ I’m serve with the board and administrative team of MusicFest to try and bring the same level of excitement and enthusiasm I once experienced as a participant! I also have been playing with the Spokane Symphony Orchestra for their season masterworks and pops concerts, and teaching music and trumpet studies at Whitworth University”.

How did MusicFest Northwest impact you?: “MusicFest is one of those experiences I can always look back on and think of different ways that it reinforced and propelled my love for music. It helped me to garner an appreciation for participation and collaboration, in ways that I had not previously experienced. It taught me the value of being a proficient performer as well as an effectual artist. Most importantly, it taught me the importance of coming together and allowing music and arts to be a vessel for community and collaboration. MusicFest absolutely shaped my identity as an artist and pushed me to be the individual I am today”.

Any advice for participants in MusicFest Northwest 2023?: “Music is an immensely personal and intuitive art form. It reflects who we are as individuals. Follow your heart and trust and believe in yourself as an artist. The gift of music making is that we get to share who we are with the world, and that is a truly special opportunity, so don’t hold back!”

Logan Pintor

Years in MusicFest: 2018

Instrument: Horn

Favorite memory from MusicFest: “My favorite memory was performing with the Spokane Symphony. I remember walking on stage and dreaming of being in that orchestra, which happened a few years later.”

What are you up to now?: “I am currently finishing up my Master’s Degree in Horn at the Schwob School of Music in Columbus, GA. Since moving to the South, I have won a few regional orchestra jobs and enjoy freelancing around the area.”

How did MusicFest Northwest impact you?: “MusicFest Northwest was one of my first major “wins” as a musician. The confidence I gained from the experience has followed me through my career. Additionally, learning  from the great adjudicators of the festival has helped me grow not only musically, but as an artist.”

Any advice for participants in MusicFest Northwest 2023?: “Take advantage of the adjudicators advice. If you see this as an opportunity to receive feedback from great musical artists, instead of just a competition, you can use this as a growth experience!”

Ryan Dresen

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