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1. Check-In Monitors (check-in students, collect and organize music for judges, greeting guests and monitoring entrance/exit of performance room and hall); 2. Adj. Assistants (time keeper, make sure music and forms are filled out for each participant by the adjudicator, make sure room stays on time, help make sure the adjudicator has everything they need and forms are kept organized, make announcements to guests/participants, welcoming and introducing adjudicator, keep daily record of each class/winners/adjudicators’ choice; prepare medals and certificates for adjudicator to give out at th end of each class); 3. General Volunteers (helping participants as needed with directions, locations, greeting, general information, etc.); 4. Set-up/Break Down Volunteers (May 13 - help transporting materials to locations, posting signs, help with the set-up and break-down of each space) 5. No preference

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