Welcome to the Ballet Young Artist Class!

**Ballet Young Artist (B5)

Age 14-20

The Young Artist Class is an advanced class and looks at the whole dancer. This class encompasses three sections in which the dancer will be evaluated. The participants will 1) participate in an adjudicated master class, 2) perform a classical variation or original choreography of choice, and 3) learn a series of steps or choreography with the adjudicator.

To be eligible for the Young Artist award, participants must participate in all class sections.

The Young Artist top prize is awarded to the dancer exhibiting the highest combined caliber of artistry and technique. Only one gold medal may be awarded in the Ballet Young Artist Class in addition to a silver medal. The winner of the gold medal must perform in the Festival highlights program on Friday, May 17, 2024. The adjudicator may choose not to award a gold or silver medal.

See Rules and Regulations on Festival Home Page

Note: Note: Participants must bring a performance copy of their music to the adjudication

Winners must provide a digital-audio copy of their performance music for the highlights concert on a thumb drive or similar device.

Cash prize for gold medal is $500.

*Ballet Young Artist Variation

Dancers must choose a classical variation or choreography of your choice, appropriate for their age and ability.

Each dancer will bring a digital/audio performance copy of their music to the event. This should be on a thumb drive or similar device.

*Ballet Young Artist Quick Study

A series of steps or choreography will be taught by the adjudicator. this element of the adjudication tests knowledge of the vocabulary of ballet, and how quickly the dancer absorbs the steps, technique and style involved. This will be en pointe.