Welcome to the String Solo Class!

We invite those soloists that are seeking competition and adjudication at a more challenging level. Participants in this class should prepare a solo selection from the list below. These classes are not defined by age or grade in school, but by difficulty of required pieces.

Note: These classes will be adjudicated for medals only.

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Must be memorized:

Required Pieces:

  • Violin—Russische Fantasie No. 2 by Portnoff, Published by Bosworth & Co.
  • Viola—Fantasie—La Cenerentola by Dancla, found in Solos for Young Violists, Vol. 2
  • Cello—Scherzo by Webster, found in Suzuki Book 3
  • Bass—Moto Perpetuo by Paganini, found in Progressive Solos for Double Bass, Book 2